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Sunflower Hotel Apartments in Larnaca, Cyprus

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Life is a beautiful ride... Enjoy it with Larnaca’s thematic cycling routes.

Larnaca is the oldest living city of Cyprus and was originally known as Kition, or Kittium. The city is located on the southern coast of Cyprus. It has a population of around 75,000 (2001) and it is the third largest city of Cyprus in terms of population. Larnaca holds a major international airport and the island's second most important commercial port. It has a nice marina for yachts and is an important tourist resort. Its rich cultural heritage reflected through its uninterrupted cultural continuity from Neolithic times until today gives the chance to the visitor to see and learn much of interest.


The beaches that have been awarded the blue flag are in McKenzie and Phinikoudes areas, as well as the Yannathes beach in Voroklini, and all are only minutes away from Sunflower Hotel apts. However, the beach in Phinikoudes which is less than ten minutes walk from Sunflower Hotel apts, is the most popular and many tourists visit it every year. Its main road is Athena s Avenue and along the road old palm trees add to the magnificent scenery. This place is popular for its cafes, bars and restaurants and hotels. Do not miss the opportunity to hang around and have a taste of the Mediterranean atmosphere that will surely sweep you off your feet.The blue flag is annually awarded to Beaches and Marinas that comply with a list of criteria ranging from water quality to environmental education and information to beach/marina area management and safety.

Attractions in Town
Larnaka Salt Lake: watching the birds, walking the interesting surroundings and enjoying the famous red sunsets of the spot are strongly recommended.

Palm Trees Promenade
One of the most pleasant entertainment seafront areas of the whole of Cyprus is the palm trees promenade or Athens Avenue in Larnaka.

Larnaka Marina and the Colonial Pier: Opposite the Palm tree Promenade(Europa Square) is the entrance of the Larnaka Marina. The walk on the Pier is a traditional social activity of the people of Larnaka and it is strongly recommended because it is the only place you can have a look at the Larnaka seafront from the side of the sea and at the same time enjoy the feeling of a real sea-town where activities are extended in the open sea.

Kamares, the Old Aqueduct of Larnaka: At the exit from Larnaka towards the Limassol highway you see the most grandiose arches (kamares) of the 16 kilometers long, 18th century aqueduct of Larnaka.

Traditional City Quarter (laiki gitonia): a busy entertainment area worth visiting in the night for a few drinks and a nice traditional meal. The area is characterized by its Cypriot traditional architecture.

Pattichio Open Amphitheatre and Park: a modern amphitheatre that hosts all performing arts events that take place in the city from May to October. The “Pattichio” open Amphitheatre is placed in the middle of a large natural park, which is part of the greater Salt lake park.

Civil Marriages at Larnaca
Civil marriages can be solemnized at Larnaca Municipality according to the relevant legislation (Marriage Law 104(i) of 2003).Interested parties must apply personally to the Civil Marriage Office of Larnaca Municipality in order to be informed about the documents they need to produce in order to solemnize a civil marriage at Larnaca Municipality. Civil marriages can be solemnized between Cypriot citizens, Cypriots with foreigners and between foreigners.

Events In Larnaca
JANUARY-FEBRUARY: European Culture Winter events at the Municipal Theatre. Optical Arts Exhibitions at the Municipal Gallery, the Pierides Museum, and the 5 private Galleries. Theophany day is always on the 6th of January, coloured with a religious proccessing at the Larnaka palm trees promenade and pier.

MARCH: As above plus the carnival celebrations at the Phinikoudes area, followed by the Green Monday celebration at the Hala Sultan Tekke Park

APRIL: Festival of Classical Music at the Municipal Theatre with performances of Philha-rmonic orchestras, brass bands, room orchestras, quartets, classical singing etc. Byzantine days and Easter celebrations with church choirs. Saturday of Lazarous is always one week before the Saturday of Easter.

MAY: The flower festival on the 1st of May and the Kataklysmos Fair, which is 50 days after the Orthodox Easter. "Kataklysmos" - Flood Festival in Larnaka: A Greek Orthodox festival with strong pagan roots focusing primarily on water. Kataklysmos or Festival of the Flood marks the day of the Holy Spirit. Coastal cities make the most of the opportunity, staging concerts and games near the waterfront, but even inhabitants of inland towns and particularly children – their water guns a necessary accessory, enjoy a good ‘splash’

JUNE: Yearly performances of the 15 dancing and ballet schools of the town, as well as for the 5 local folkloric groups.

JULY: The Larnaca Festival with musical, modern and classical dancing, ancient Tragedies and Comedies, modern Greek singing, poetry, Films made by famous Cypriot and Greek Directors etc.

AUGUST-SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: Concerts of famous Greeks singers, modern bands etc.

NOVEMBER : Festival of amateur creation with the participation of all local amateur groups and performing artists

DECEMBER: European Cultural Winter with events at the Municipal Theatre. Optical Arts exhibitions at the Municipal Gallery, the Pierides Museum and the 5 private Galleries. Theatre performances from Greece and Cyprus at the Municipal Theatre.